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There is no other program in the world that starts where this program starts…And can take you where this program can take you.

This program is firstly about self-development. The first three levels are designed specifically to teach the human, and can be studied through this savvy system. After level 3, the program is more about teaching horses performance, difficult horses, colt starting, etc. This is when it becomes much more detailed and intense, so hands on teaching is essential. and the goals and dreams you have in mind. In all, there are ten levels that lead to mastery. How much savvy you want to have is up to you. Level 1- Partnership -Safety, control, friendship -Language and communication-Ground manners, natural riding dynamics The Partnership Level is about love, language and respect. Learn to play the Seven Games, break down the prey- predator barrier, create a language with which to communicate with your horse, and teach your horse on the ground the things you want him to understand when you are on his back. Learn natural riding dynamics by riding with one rein, with focus and with the carrot stick. They are the first building blocks for a great independent seat. Level 2- HarmonyConfident: Level 2 Home Study Program & Equipment In Level 2 you will begin a journey that develops your confidence and independence with horses, learning advanced notions around reading horse behavior and using psychology to help horses want to do things with and for you.Level 2 branches into the Four Savvys of Parelli and teaches you phenomenal things with horses, from the magic of playing at Liberty to riding as one with true Harmony.No matter what Level you are currently studying, you'll discover more strategies and new information. When you have Level 2 Savvy:
• Your frustrations are a thing of the past; you can start having more fun with your horse and exploring how much more you can achieve. • You can communicate on longer lines, at greater distances, heading toward Liberty (Liberty: the thrill of playing with horses with "no strings attached"). • You know how to develop impulsion - you can slow down the fast horse and energize the lazy one using communication without force. • You have an independent seat. • You have the magic of Positive Reflexes: snappy, happy responses. • You are in tune with your horse-mentally, emotionally, physically. • You know the simple dynamics of leads and lead changes.