Don Halladay was born into a ranching family and horses have always been a big part in his life. After finishing school, rodeoing became his passion with saddle bronc his main focus.

For several years Don worked on a large ranch in southern Alberta where horses were used to work cattle on a daily basis and he learned to really appreciate a good cow horse. In 1979 he moved back to Rocky Mtn. House to ranch on his home place where grass management became a high priority. He followed and taught Allan Savory’s Holistic Mangement┬áMethod during his 25 year ranching career. In 1995 Don went to a Parelli Natural HorseManShip clinic taught by Linda Parelli and his entire concept of horsemanship changed. Pat and Linda Parelli have been great mentors over the years for Don and he has appreciated their influence. Don has always been interested in developing bridle horses and in ranch roping so he has spent time with Martin Black, learning the ropes so to speak.

Twenty Five years of ranching gave Don an appreciation for the horse and Parelli offers a more fitting way to develop a horse using love, language and leadership. Horses can be made to do things but can we get to the point in our development where we can cause a horse to want to do things for us?

Don Halladay has been a Parelli Instructor for many years and is Canada’s top rated Parelli Professional with ratings of Five Star Senior Parelli Instructor, Parelli Colt Starter, Senior Horse Development Specialist.┬áDon also competes in cutting, reined cow horse, and reining. He also studies precision riding in the form of dressage and rides for Master Horseman Walter Zettl and Eddo Hoekstra. Don is based out of Rocky Mountain House Alberta but can be found on the road providing Parelli clinics from British Columbia to Quebec in the summer and taking in competitions in the south during the winter.

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